Sustainable Dune & Bulb Region
  • Greenport Dune & Bulb region
  • Dune & Bulb region
  • 2020
  • Petrus

The Dune & Bulb region, the centre of the global flower bulb market, has a strong and collective ambition to explore the opportunities to accelerate the energy transition with Greenport participants. In the field of sustainable energy, there is still room for improvement.
Only then can we create a sustainable Dune & Bulb Region.

&flux is working with OverMorgen and the region to develop a project initiation document for that acceleration. We are doing this along three lines; first, an inventory of the user functions and the logical routes for sustainability. Parallel to this, we are holding talks with the main partners in the region to assess those routes for feasibility, fundability, impact and cooperation. That is the basis for a matrix in which we can distinguish the low-hanging fruit from the challenges of tomorrow and the projects with a real impact. In the third line, we are working on the commitment to the projects.

After completing the above steps, the Dune & Bulb region Foundation will have a concrete project initiation document to which the immediate participants have committed themselves. This will show the foundation how it can develop the sustainability of the Greenport with concrete measures.

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