Making society sustainable and future-proof is what drives us.

&flux is working on making the Netherlands future-proof. Circular, sustainable and resilient.

By working together on an imaginable future, we are making possible what seems impossible for an individual organisation. Building new value chains – that’s what drives us. We’re not afraid of uncertainty or complexity, because they often hold the solution.

We regard working in a circular and sustainable way as an opportunity. In fact, for those who want to be successful in the future, a climate-friendly working method is an absolute precondition. That means looking beyond your own business, working together and thinking about the impact of growth and development on the climate and the ‘future-proofness’ of your organisation. Besides creating a better world, this also generates satisfaction and enthusiasm in organisations and the people who work there. It offers opportunities to grow and develop. To jointly go in search of a new future in which we will create more value and pollute less.


From strategy to execution.

Through advice, guidance ánd collaboration with (semi) public and private organizations.

Taking a positive approach, we look at what is possible and how we can take the next step forward in concrete terms. Converting convictions into actions by offering organisations a perspective to act.

&flux understands how to accomplish complex transitions because we know how to bring together market, government, policy with innovations, business cases and technology. We only work on projects that we truly believe in. That inner conviction is a prerequisite. And it is also our strength.


We put the transition in motion.

With our knowledge, expertise and pragmatic approach we make major transitions feasible.

For example, in the transition to CO2 as a raw material for a future-proof economy or in coordinating the sustainability of Dutch greenhouse horticulture.

We also develop new value propositions that create real impact. For example, developing a strategy for heating the city of Haarlem with the residual heat from data centers, a solution for food waste in South-Holland or a design competition for climate adaptive measures in Amsterdam.

our values

What makes &flux unique?

We feel the urgency for change. This drives us to invest in the development of impactful propositions ourselves.

There are a lot of ambitions and objectives. The challenge is: how do you make it happen? We make visions feasible, with sustainable change as the ultimate goal.

Major issues such as climate, energy and circularity cannot be solved by one party. Collaboration is essential. We specialise in creating successful partnerships across diverse interests.

At &flux, we work on a future-proof world: which elements will truly make a difference? We choose to work on things that are realistic and of which we are sure that they will have a sustainable impact.


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