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  • Netherlands
  • 2019-20
  • Annebel , Petrus, Tanja

Greenhouse Horticulture climate-neutral by 2040. That is the ambition of Greenports NL, and agreements have been made to this effect in the Climate Agreement and the Horticulture Agreement. The agreements regarding the ‘Area Elaboration’ are of particular importance. The Area Elaboration simply means that agreements must be made in every greenhouse horticulture area about how we will provide sustainable CO2, heat and electricity as a replacement for natural gas in the next 20 years. 

About Greenports Climate-neutral

&Flux co-wrote the Climate and Horticulture Agreement for this topic and is supervising the implementation of the agreements. Many greenhouse horticulture areas are working hard on projects and plans, but a vision of climate-neutrality is practically nowhere to be found. That is why we drew up an inventory over the past year of how over 50 municipalities envision making the greenhouse horticulture cluster more sustainable. 

By doing this, we are helping government organisations translate those plans into visions and policy. While drawing up the inventory, we found that there is a need for a community in which experiences and knowledge can be shared. We are now setting up that community! In addition, the report on the state of affairs related to climate-neutral greenhouse horticulture by 2040 is in the making.  

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Annebel would be happy to update you!

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